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You can find them on products, in the store, in newspapers, and online. The great thing about the online coupons is that you can click the deal that I have posted, and you can just click the link directly to the coupon that you are looking to print. Your email address will not be published.

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Is It Illegal To Buy Coupons Online?

She charges a handling fee for finding, clipping and packaging the coupons that customers request, but that fee is not for the coupons themselves. And since Woodard purchases hundreds of newspapers each week and culls the coupons she stocks, her attorney has advised her that sharing them with customers is legal.

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Most coupon clipping outfits acquire their inserts at no cost, and not always through legitimate means, she says. Woodard got her start in the couponing world working for a now-defunct coupon clipping service in The business relied on workers who volunteered at recycling centers pulling out coupon inserts from the waste stream. Workers like Woodard then handed them over to her employer. Unfortunately, that company shut down in when manufacturers began short-dating their coupons; instead of a day expiration, they went to and day expiration dates.

Woodard quickly realized she could do a better job of connecting customers with coupons efficiently via the internet.

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So in she hired a web designer to create a site where shoppers could pick and choose the coupons they wanted clipped. The business grew so fast that the overwhelmed Woodard once considered shutting it down. Settled in her front room, Ms. Lincicum shows me the tools of her trade set out on a wide, sun-drenched dinner table. Pocket-sized scissors and a calculator hold permanent residence in the front pocket. These manufacturer coupons, stacked on top of store promotions, are key to her strategy. Scanning the weekly store ads in the paper, she sees what's already on sale and dips into her file folders to find coupons to match up.

If there are no paper coupons, she turns to Google or checks manufacturers' websites. That pairing often means products such as Ritz crackers, Tic Tacs and pasta for absolutely nada. Lincicum is a on a strict one-major-trip-per-week regimen and has a standing shopping date early Sunday mornings with a neighbor friend.

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This is unusual. Many grocery-shopping trips are organized around narrowly focused missions, according to market-research firm Packaged Facts' March food shopper survey. Last year, SymphonyIRI reported shoppers averaged At a coupon class she hosts later that evening for five women, she drills it in: the fewer trips to the store, the fewer impulse buys and the more you'll save.

Since Harris Teeter isn't a usual haunt, the list for the trip goes onto a grid, designating grocery aisle categories, printed off the internet. With targeted pick-ups in each section -- "dairy," "frozen food," "beverages" and so on -- it's harder to stray, she says. She throws around terms such as "loss leader" and "end-cap" with ease, even though she's never taken a marketing class.

Before staying home full-time for her kids, she worked in college administration and as a teacher. Lincicum navigates the aisles like a guided missile.

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