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In Your Corner. No more sneaky contract rollovers. Contracts: When expiry notifications are disguised as upgrade promos. File photo.

Image: Thinkstock. She asked the network why she had not been sent the expiry notification in advance. Debit orders stayed active while the companies kept quiet and collected profit for undelivered services. Pupil accused of painting 'satanic' artwork lets critics cast the first stone News. Sanef to write to Mantashe to reveal names of two journos he reportedly paid to South Africa. Drought drives farmers to commit suicide News. Latest Videos. This article aims to illustrate that we as customers should always be aware of what options are out there and what exactly it is that we are signing up for.

Being taken for a ride is not a one-way thing; you need some participants to make it happen. In short; there is really no value in these contract options, unless you just want the device and have your own internet at home or an additional contract or prepaid sim. Also, shop around. So, here we have the LG G4.

I promise, I did try my best to get a review unit but, I guess this phone was just so popular that there was just not enough units to go around.

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In my view, the G4 is an upgrade to the G3 which was in-turn an upgrade to the G2. A worthwhile one though, especially if you have the G2. Continue reading LG G4 — A worthwhile buy?

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If you are looking for a cost effective deal, check out the options below:. Today, 20 September , Cell C gave their social media package a sort of facelift. They have increased the options and have added anynet minutes, sms messages and access to games.

The validity period also looks reasonable. I will still test the service out and give further feedback in an updated post. The price will remain locked for as long as you maintain your contract. If desired, you can bundle your 24 month options with a modem. This is only because of a friend of mine who kinda got caught out by the offer.

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However, the Epic contract offering, is not one of my favourite offerings. You have 7 Epic options. Epic , , , , , and finally Epic Things look somewhat different when you are on an Epic contract though. Your contract terms will move over to Cell C and remain exactly the same. Your package, benefits, pricing and contract terms remain unchanged. The only difference is that, instead of receiving a GloCell bill, you will receive a bill from Cell C going forward. If you have insurance, this value added service will also be migrated with your contract and you will remain covered.

However, should you have value added services such as S Drive or Ignition, these services will not be migrated to Cell C. You will have already received a letter in this regard and you will be billed directly by the service provider please find letter here. Once migration has taken place, you will be able to sign up for any of Cell C's other exciting value added services.


GloCell is not passing pre-migration queries over to Cell C. All such queries will have to be resolved with GloCell before the migration, which is expected to take place between 02 and 06 July Only queries that were logged by GloCell in the final three 3 days before the migration date will be transferred to Cell C. For the time being and until migration, your queries must still be directed to GloCell. The contact number is You may also choose to send an email to GloCell Customer Support.

Once the migration of your contract is complete, you will receive a notification via SMS. Cell C's call centre agents are fully briefed and will be able to assist you. You can reach them on Alternatively, you can send an email with your questions to Cell C's Escalations Department. GloCell is an established mobile specialist group of companies. As with similar businesses in the past, to ensure the best experience for contract customers, ceding them to Cell C was the ideal choice.

GloCell is one of two largest prepaid Airtime and Data distributors in South Africa, with annual revenues in excess of R5 billion.

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  • GloCell distributes products and services for all networks, including: Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Telkom Mobile, Virgin, Neotel, WorldCall, plus national prepaid electricity on behalf of hundreds of municipalities, servicing thousands of retail and wholesale points of presence. If you have a current payment arrangement with GloCell, please note that this will not be automatically transferred over to Cell C. If you are either a corporate or an individual customer who has had a payment arrangement with GloCell, you are required to pro-actively contact Cell C to make the necessary payment arrangements.

    Please note that GloCell and Cell C make no warranties that your payment arrangement will be reinstated with Cell C once your account has been moved over. You can contact Cell C once you have been migrated, to make payment arrangements. Prior to migration, you still need to contact GloCell.

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    If you wish to upgrade before the migration date, you can either wait for the migration date to pass and upgrade with Cell C, or upgrade in the same way as you currently would with GloCell. Yes, all relevant data pertaining to your existing account will be transferred to Cell C.

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    However, it is still your responsibility to manage your out-of-bundle usage. General Enquiries. Accounts Enquiries. Below are some of GloCell's distribution points and business partners:.